Charming Vintage Brass Chamber Stick Candle Holder With Finger

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Charming Vintage Brass Chamber Stick Candle Holder With Finger Loop. It measures 2.5” tall. The wax saucer is 4.25” in diameter (5” wide to end of handle) and the candlestick holder opening is 1.5” across the top. Heavy for its size. Gold tone brass metal. Great vintage condition with minor

Candle Holder - Brass Candle Holder - Antique French Candlestick - Adj – UpperDutch

Polished Brass Chamberstick with Wooden Handle- Antique Vintage Style - Schooner Bay Company

Brass Finger Candle Holders - Australia

Vintage Chamber Candlestick Holder Chamberstick Candle Holder Brass Portable Finger Loop Emergecy Candle Holder RhymeswithDaughter

Brass Loop Candle

Hand Forged Iron Chamberstick Candle Holder - Brass Finish

Polished Brass saucer candle stand, For Home Decor at Rs 200/piece in Moradabad

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Vintage Brass Chamber Stick / Antique Candleholder/wee Willie Winkie Candlestick/enamel Chamber Stick/traditional Scandi Style

Vintage Solid Brass Chamberstick Large Candle Holder Finger Hole 10.5 x 9.5

Brass Loop Candle

Brass Loop Candle

Charming Vintage Brass Chamber Stick Candle Holder With Finger Loop

Vintage Brass Candle Holder Brass Candlestick Holder Brass Chamberstick Candle Holder With Finger Hole Vintage Taper Candlestick

French 19th Century Brass Candle Holder - Fireside Antiques

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